Three Leading Aspects to Stay Healthy And Fit

Staying healthy and fit is not a good choice that one can make but also a necessity because with good heath everything is possible. Also when one is healthy, success tastes even better. So the question is how to stay healthy in the fast pace world with everything on the go and everyone on the toes. The answer to this question is the three aspects that need consistency in one’s life.

Eating habits

One of the most important factors of healthy eating is not skipping breakfast. It helps in maintaining the blood sugar level and also prevents one from overeating in later part of the day. Another important factor is not depriving oneself of one’s favorite food. This is because when someone completely cuts down on sugar or fried food, it only results in overheating of that food if given a chance. Therefore many dieticians suggest maintaining a ratio of 80/20 that defines eating healthy around 80% of the times and binge on favorite food 20% of the time. This prevents cravings that happen in case of complete deprivation of one’s taste buds. While eating one must make sure to include a number of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day. These fulfill the body’s requirement of different vitamins and minerals providing complete nutrition to the body. In addition to this food rich in protein also help in maintaining the fat in the body.

Exercise routine

Physical exercise has many forms and indulging in the difficult one is not necessary until the situation demands. Walking is considered a good workout. For those who walk around 5000 to 10,000 steps every day keep a number of muscles and joints of the body in good functional condition. Simple cardio such as running, swimming and cycling, thrice a week burn enough calories to keep one going. Those who prefer gym over other forms of a workout but cannot plan hours for it may opt for the HIIT workout that hardly takes 10-20 minutes but involves whole body workout.

Stress management

Little stress might be important to meet the deadlines or getting things done in time, but excessive stress takes a toll on health. It badly affects the digestive system in addition to its effects on mood and behavior, though it can be managed — regular exercise, meditation, enjoying one’s hobbies, being in nature and staying in the sun for some time every day, help in reducing stress. Maintaining a balance between work and life is also keeps one happy and away from stress. Lack of sleep also adds to the stress level. Therefore one must make sure to take eight hours of sleep every night. This not only helps in maintaining the stress but maintaining various other functionalities of the body as well.