Chlamydia – Diagnosis, Tests, Treatment, Medication


Sex practices vary from person to person, and some people like to have different types of sex activities that are different from the customary practices. Here lies the problem, which will invite diseases like Chlamydia. However, these are widely accepted activities. That said, there are various diseases that are par for the course of such activities. Chlamydia is one such bacterial infection that will occur to people who take part in vaginal, oral, or anal intercourse. This specific infection can occur even when there is no ejaculation. However, this physical disorder is comparatively a very mild form of infectious disease, and it is possible to cure the same by administering the correct dose of antibiotics. Here, one will have to take due care and must consult a physician before taking any medications. Remember, self-medication is not at all advisable and will make existing problems worse. Of course, there are some effective Chlamydia medications available, and by using the same, one can effectively put an end to Chlamydia. But, it is practically better to take the professional guidance of a practicing physician before using any of such medications.

Chlamydia – Diagnosis, Tests, Treatment, Medication

Chlamydia is an infection that is very common in almost all people who are sexually active and tries various ways of sexual practices. The commonly seen indications of Chlamydia are testicle swelling, burning sensation while urinating, penile discharge, and the related pain as far as men are concerned. In women, the symptoms are burning sensation during urinating, vaginal discharge, etc. By using effective Chlamydia medications, one can easily cure the infection.

Diagnosis: Regular testing is a must as far as all individuals who are passionate about sex are concerned. Hence, all youngsters must opt for professional consultation with specialized physicians who are experts in treating Chlamydia. It’s a must that everyone must opt for a yearly health checkup. One must not overlook this thing by thinking that they have taken the test in the last year. The tests include a urine test and swab testing. WISP is a handy app that will connect individuals with practicing physicians; one need not wait in a physician’s waiting room to get an appointment. Another significant matter to note is that this service will be available round-the-clock.

Testing: The physician will conduct a simple test, and for this, they will use urine or cotton swab samples. These will go laboratory, and if the result is positive, the doctor will start the treatment using the right Chlamydia medications.

Treatment: Physicians will ask about your sexual activities. The questions will include whether you are having multiple partners, condom usage, do you suffer from any pain in the pelvic area, any abnormal or atypical discharge, do you suffer sores, pain during urinating, etc. You will have to answer without hiding anything, and this is imperative.

Medication: Generally, physicians use antibiotics to cure Chlamydia. The dosage will depend on the serious nature of the disease. One will have to take one or multiple times daily if it is very serious. Otherwise, a one-time dose will be more than enough. However, one will have to stay away from sexual activities unless and until the disease disappears. The approximate time for getting relief will be approximately one or two weeks if one uses proper Chlamydia medication.

If one of the partners suffers from Chlamydia, it is sensible that the other one also opts for the treatment, even if there are no noticeable symptoms. One of the significant factors of this disease is that in some cases, the disease will be asymptomatic. Hence, if not treated, the disease will pass from one to the other regularly, and this situation will make things worse. Another significant thing is that even after medication, one can get the same disease again and again.

Divulging own sexual interests to a physician will be a little bit awkward for many. It is here the practical significance of online consulting pops up. In our time, it is possible to contact specialized physicians who have concrete knowledge about Chlamydia and about the perfect treatment methods that will fill the bill for this disease. For instance, one can contact WISP to get proper advice as regards the disease from expert physicians. The same will remain confidential.

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